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Objectives - Long term /Medium term/ Short term

Research contributions supportive of the formation of national policies in respect of water resources development, exploration and sustainable exploitation with quality maintenance for multipurpose utilization and meeting social, economic and environmental needs.

In reinforcement of objective (1), systematic and accurate data collection and maintenance of scientific data especially pertaining to groundwater, towards the establishment of a hydrogeological and geochemical data bank of national, regional and local significance.

Involvement of:
(a) regional, that is, relevant local government authorities;
(b) national and international organizations in regard to the knowledge transfer and information exchange and
(c) other scientific investigations relating to hydrogeology with  emphasis on groundwater..

Awareness creation in the civil society about the importance of safe and sustainable use of water.

Assessment of the possible benefits and economic feasibility of projects suggested/undertaken by those referred to in item 3 above, relating to the sustainable exploitation of groundwater in particular.

Setting up of an Inter-departmental Advisory Committee to reinforce greater mutual understanding for collaborative action where necessary, in relation to the above intended functions of the Water Resources Board (WRB).