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Adequate access to clean and safe water for all


To advise the government and the people and make necessary regulations & laws on assessing, conserving, harnessing, developing and frugally utilizing water resources in the country; and to implement the same in close collaboration with the rural society, relevant national and provincial level government institutions, private sector, international organizations and scientific communities here and abroad.

To ensure that the society today doesn’t pollute the water of future.

Establishment of Water Resources Board 

The Water Resources Board was established in 1966 under the Act No. 29 of 1964, as an advisory body to the Minister on all matters concerning the control and utilization of the water resources in Sri Lanka.

The Water Resources Board Act was amended and passed by the Parliament in 1999 to enable the Water Resources Board to pay more emphasis on matters pertaining to groundwater resources in Sri Lanka.

(The Act and Amendment can be downloaded from sub menu 'General' of 'Download' menu)