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Current Activities

Conducting research studies on water resources of the country
Assessment of large, medium and small scale groundwater resources
Conducting groundwater recharge studies
Undertaking studies on aquifers and groundwater flow patterns in particular
Environmental impact assessment pertaining to issues related to water sector
Carrying out short-term and long term pumping tests and determination of safe pumping rates of water sources
Designing of groundwater monitoring networks and conducting groundwater monitoring programmes with special reference to water quality and water levels
Undertaking in-depth water quality studies
Presentation of research undertaken in workshops, seminars, colloquy, symposia etc and publication of the fine-tuned research studies
Data analysis and preparation of periodical reports related to water resources and preparation of policies
Preparation of groundwater maps and hydro - chemical maps
Development of WRB website and Its Updating/Maintenance

All the regional offices, Drilling section, Chemical laboratories, GIS unit, Library and WRB website come under the hydrogeology division.


Provincial Offices


The Anuradhapura provincial Office was established in December 2007, in order to serve the people in the North Central Dry Zone Region.  Its main functions include:

Hydrogeological research investigations in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa  and Matale Districts;
Carryout groundwater monitoring in selected DSD’s of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Matale districts;
Water quality assessment in Anuradhapura district;
Conducting awareness/training programmes in the training institute at Korakahawewa, Anuradhapura to mitigate water related health hazards specially in the Dry Zone;
Development and conservation of springs in Anuradhapura district;
Analysis of water samples chemically, bacteriologically and for heavy metals;
Analysis of water samples under the “Jala Sayana” (Water Clinics) programme for the benefit of the community

The Provincial Office has well equipped laboratory with the ability of analyzing water samples chemically and bacteriologically and it is backed by a training institute to make people well aware of the quantity limitation and possible quality deterioration that is harmful for human existence.  This office even provides knowledge about traditional water purification methods.



The Provincial Office in Puttalam was established in 1979.  Its main functions include:

Groundwater research activities for exploration and exploitation of available groundwater resources in the limestone and hard rock aquifers.
Construction of test bore holes for various research and development activities.
Carryout groundwater monitoring at selected DSD’s of Puttalam district.

The provincial office has well equipped chemical laboratory with the ability of analyzing water samples chemically, bacteriologically and for heavy metals.



The Provincial Office in Monaragala established in 1984. 

Its main functions include:

Groundwater research activities for exploration and exploitation of available groundwater resources in the hard rock aquifer.
Groundwater monitoring and test borehole construction at Uva province.         



The Provincial Office in Jaffna has undertaken groundwater research activities in limestone aquifer before 1980’s and after that proper research work has not been conducted. However, the Jaffna provincial office was activated recently and well equipped water analytical laboratory has been established. The present activities of the Provincial Office include:

Establishment of groundwater monitoring network in Jaffna district.
Monitoring of water quality and water level changes in groundwater system of the area.
Development of water policies for groundwater management in Jaffna peninsula.



Maintenance of a Library under 13 categories of books including research publications.


Laboratory –Head Office

Chemical Analyses in terms of :

o  appearance, temperature, turbidity in NTU, pH, electrical conductivity, total hardness, total alkalinity, total dissolved solid, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, total iron, fluoride, sulphate, chloride, salinity and nitrate


Microbiological Analyses in terms of :

o   total number of coliform present, analysis of number of E.coli present,


Heavy Metals  Analyses in respect of : 

o   antimony, aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, selenium, silver, tin, zinc etc.

Additions to the water analytical laboratory at the Colombo head office, three other water analytical laboratories are established at Anuradhapura, Puttalam and Jaffna.


GIS Unit

Upgrading and updating the spatial, non-spatial and temporal databases of groundwater studies.
Analysis of existing data and preparation of GIS maps for future planning and decision making on groundwater exploration and utilization.
Analysis of quantitative and qualitative groundwater regimen in Sri Lanka.
Based on above, compilation of a comprehensive groundwater Atlas of Sri Lanka.
Collection of technical and chemical data of tube wells for updating the tube well database of WRB.
Scanning all analog maps of groundwater studies conducted over the past 50 years into digital format in order to upgrade the digital map database.


WRB website 

Development of WRB website and Its Updating/Maintenance.
Updating of fresh news, tender documents, new projects, progresses…etc.

WRB website was revamped using Joomla (Open source content management system) under direction and supervision of Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA). It was ceremonially launched by Hon. Mr. Nimal Siripala De Silva – the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Management on 15th March of 2011 at the Workshop on "Challenges in Water Resources Management" held at the Water’s Edge Hotel, Battaramulla.










Drilling Section

Construction of test bore holes for research projects;
Installation of hand pumps / submersible pumps for bore holes; and
Rehabilitation of tube wells and hand pumps.

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