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Carry out Hydrogeological Surveys to identify Groundwater availability in a given area.

Design and construction of deep tube wells.

Carry out large scale Groundwater Assessment Studies & construction of small scale water supply schemes.

Chemical and bacteriological analysis of water samples.

Environmental impacts assessment pertaining to the Groundwater issues.

Maintaining and furnishing quantitative and qualitative data of shallow / deep Data of specific areas.

Cleaning and rehabilitation of deep tube wells and hand pumps installation.

Design and installation of wind powered Turbine for water pumping.

Carryout short term and long term pumping tests and determination of safe pumping rates of water sources ( Tube wells, Dug wells, Springs etc).

Undertaking in-depth water quality studies.

Presentation of research undertaken in workshops, seminars, symposia etc and publication of research studies.

Preparation of groundwater maps and hydrochemical maps.

Awareness on groundwater resources for the civil society through training conducted at the Research and Training Centre at Korakahawewa, Anuradhapura.